by The Van Rontens

The van rontens


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Lost And Confused

by The Van Rontens

We are The Van Rontens


A fusion of folk, funk, grass and gypsy roots. It’s like a whole new sandwich. Or maybe Iron and Wine meets Modest Mouse with crystal clear female lead vocals. Lead vocalist and song writer Melodie Ayres, in seek of a major life change, upended her Kansas roots this last summer, packed her car and headed towards the rich music scene of Portland Oregon.  After a few months of playing open mics, she accumulated a tribe of musicians and fans to support her dream.  Now The Van Rontens have created a sound like no other and are touring the country changing perspective on life one fan at a time.



Our line-up is always changing and you'll never see the same show twice!!
You will see Melodie Ayres singing and Matt Farmer playing the mandolin on the reg. We have several amazingly talented fiddle, banjo, bass and percussion players that sit in with us, creating a unique experience every time!